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My Guide for Submitting your PPP Loan Application at PNC Bank

Terence Channon
4 April 2020

My Guide for Submitting your PPP Loan Application at PNC Bank

Twitter is full of frustrated users trying to submit their PPP loan application via PNC Bank. I had my share of problems but eventually got my application through. Here is my step by step guide on what I did to make it happen. I started this morning at around 8 am and tried many times. Eventually, getting mine submitted around 1 pm. My final session took me about 10–12 minutes once I seemed to get the bugs out of the way.

1. Open Chrome Browser on a Windows Machine and navigate to the PNC PPP page where there is the APPLY NOW button.

2. Right-click APPLY and select OPEN IN INCOGNITO TAB.

3. Login. This took me several times, frequently getting errors such as ‘insufficient privileges’ or similar. If this happens, close out Incognito Tab and repeat step 2.

4. The page sometimes looks like it is not loading. Just a white screen. Give it a few moments to see if it loads. It usually does. Refreshing seems to break the connection, generate an error and then you are back to step 2.

5. Once in, the application process is straight forward. The problem started to arise on the page where you must upload your monthly payroll reports. Even though it looks like the form can be submitted by just entering figures and pressing continue, do not do this. You will have to get the payroll forms updated.

6. PDFs work best. Smaller in KB size the better.

7. Here is the tricky part, it seems. Your first step is NOT to type in the numbers of any of the monthly payroll amounts. Instead, first upload the PDF for April, 2019. Then type in the payroll figure for April 2019. Then proceed to May 2019. It seems that the system wants first to validate the payroll PDF, then validate the number for the corresponding month before allowing the system to proceed. I found that if I typed in all of the dollar figures first or even just for April 2019, I would get the error about unable to upload documents. During this cadence, I did encounter 1 or 2 upload errors, but re-uploading was not a problem.

8. Once complete, proceed.

9. On the final page where additional documentation must be uploaded, this section was not very problematic. Best suggestion — do it top to bottom and give it a moment between sections to process the file. It seems that even though the 100% shows up and the file is there, the system still needs a moment to finalize the processing behind the scenes.

10. Submit the application. Do not refresh, go back or anything. Even if you get a message about insufficient privileges, do not go back. Give it a moment or two — the application confirmation showed up. I received an email confirmation as well.

Maybe I got lucky. Maybe PNC finally fixed some bugs. I hope this helps.

Best of luck to everyone and stay safe and healthy!

P.S. — If anyone wants me to further breakdown some of the user experience and programming items that were getting in the way of this, please comment on this article and I will write up some observations and theories later. Sometimes, understanding how systems work in layman’s terms, even if not relevant to your occupation, can help mitigate frustration.

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