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How I Can Help During the COVID-19 Situation?

Terence Channon
21 March 2020

How I Can Help During the COVID-19 Situation?

For Any Struggling Adapting to the New Way of Working, I Will Offer Advice, Answer Questions and Share Tips.

We are in absolutely unprecedented times. I don’t remember a time in my existence where the government ordered businesses closed and fresh rolls of paper towels and toilet paper were weeks away from being on the shelves.

Amidst all the confusion, chaos, fear and more, I began to ask myself how I can help? Just returning from an international trip, of course, I am staying inside as much as possible. That helps, yes? Also, being an avid reader, I have delved deep into the guts of what is really going on to seek out understanding and even opportunities. I do believe that this represents one of the ABSOLUTE biggest stock market buying opportunities this generation will ever see. But I digress and that’s for another article.

I am not a medical professional. An essential government worker. A banker. A virologist. A TV anchor. Or any type of profession that seems it could make a meaningful impact on the situation. But then, from the cries of those nearest and dearest to me, an opportunity has come up to help.

In the famous words of Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson’s character in Taken): “but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.” and that is working and collaborating with remote teams from across the globe — and more importantly succeeding. It’s been the cornerstone of my professional existence for the past 20 years.

I will take a few minutes to brag on me for a little bit — it’s something I don’t do often and have been told I am VERY, VERY bad at it, so forgive this amateur attempt at creating some trust and confidence with any person that stumbles across this:

· I have been recognized by Newsweek and Gartner IT Report as a pioneer in offshore and remote team leadership and collaboration.

· I have built remote working teams and processes that even after my departure 7 years later, are still completely intact and high performing.

· The immediate team I manage and collaborate with is close to 20 across multiple disciplines — and almost all of them I have NEVER spoken to them via phone or Skype. And we have one of the most prolific service delivery rates our clients have ever seen.

· I am one of Upwork’s most prolific and long-standing service providers and buyers — spanning across 3 decades.

Today, many people are embracing working remotely for the first time in their professional existence. And working remotely is VERY different than ‘Working from Home” on occasion or ‘Flexible Time.” And firsthand, I have seen very talented, committed and diligent professionals struggle with embracing this required work style. Even long-time ‘remote workers’ are now being tasked with working with their team members that are no longer in the office. And if you fall into this category, I am sure you are feeling the pressure. Do you have young kids and now you are home all the time? I am sure you are feeling pain.

These pains show up in working 14 hours a day instead of 8 and showing quick signs of burning out, miscommunication and performance breakdown — both individual and teams. And that is just one of the many problems that is rearing its head.

If this sounds like you, I hope that you begin to follow this blog and me on Linked In. — I will be sharing suggestions and tips to help you make the most of this new world we are all going to be living in for at least the next 30–60 days — and likely well beyond that.

What do I want out of this? Nothing. My goal is to apply what I am VERY, VERY good at and help you, your organization and your families work even better and happier during these trying times.

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, if the powers that be determine that the Secretary of Commerce create a Deputy Secretary of Remote Working to look after the well being of our professional workforce today and into the future, I humbly welcome the opportunity to explore.

In the meantime, read, share, find me on LinkedIn and send me an email or direct message with your questions. I will respond!

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