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Digital Business Strategy & Requirements

I am able to quickly gauage and suggest new strategic directions for businesses - ones that will help differentiate from competiors. Subsequently, I write clear and concise business and high-level requirements to aid all stakeholders in successfully implementing the strategy. I have experience in all relevant roles, including business owner, sponsoring executive, software vendor, product manager and hands-on programmer. This combination creates an optimal landscape for me to produce clear and thorough requirements that will ensure the final delivery are exactly what has been envisioned by the product and business owners.

Customer Experience Leadership

I excel at working with businesses to identify and connect with customer audiences, generating new inquiries & sales, and improving business processes. Through a white hat approach to customer engagement and applying best practice in technology, marketing strategy and human capital management, I can create multifaceted experiences and online marketing campaigns that generate measurable ROI for businesses.

Global Team Development

I have worked with services providers across many locations & disciplines, including graphic design, UI/UX, software development and research. I have worked with firms and independent freelancers on every continent and have been featured in Newsweek and Gartner publications for offshore outsourcing excellence. Companies and enterprises wishing to take advantage of the cost-benefits of offshore outsourcing & working with global teams without sacrificing performance turn to me to help with the selection and management of these teams. I understand the cultural, linguistic and business processes regardless of nationality or global location.

Product Launches & Investment

I encourage entrepreneurs and established enterprises to first develop prototypes before committing to full development. I work with organizations to identify marketplace gaps, the corresponding fillers and a prototype of the proposed solution. I assist with product research, wireframes, UI/UX, user testing and stakeholder validation.

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